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Find out more about our new strategy for Flexible Learning

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The University’s Senate has approved our strategy for the future direction of teaching and learning at Manchester

Over the past year, the Flexible Learning team have worked in partnership with students to learn more about how we can make a more blended and flexible approach to teaching and learning work for you. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed.

A flexible future of education

A key part of the Flexible Learning strategy is making a Manchester education more accessible, so more students are able to join us, no matter what their work, family or personal commitments. Over the next five years, we’ll be trialling new approaches to deliver courses flexibly, for example through stackable degrees, where a course can be taken over a timeline that is determined by the learner. We’ll also explore how we can offer a suite of online options to give learners who are unable to join us on campus a rich and engaging experience, so they feel part of our Manchester community, no matter where in the world they are studying.

Changes for our on-campus students

Based on your feedback, we’re also transforming how students learn with us here on campus:

  • Digital skills: To prepare you for an increasingly interconnected and digital world, we’ll be offering more training throughout your course, so you can develop, take ownership over, and showcase your digital skills to set you up for your future career.
  • Digital tools for learning: We are bringing in new software and tools to support your learning – our aim is to put in place a seamless digital learning infrastructure that supports your learning, and collaboration with your peers and teaching staff, on and off-campus.
  • Innovative learning materials: We’ll be giving teaching staff more support from skilled experts in creating learning that is inclusive, accessible, interactive and engaging.
  • Space to innovate: We’re setting up more campus spaces where you can study, collaborate with your peers and teaching staff, and trial new learning tools and technology.
  • More ways for you to shape the future: We don’t have all the answers yet for how this will work, so over the next years we’ll be innovating together with you – we’re setting up the Flexible Learning student design group so you can input into our future plans. Look out for more announcements on Student News soon.

Visit the Flexible Learning webpages to learn more.

Watch a short Q&A with our Flexible Learning student partners Tabita and Srijan, Professor Dan George (Associate Vice President for Blended and Flexible Learning) and Professor Steve Pettifer (University Academic Lead for Digital Learning).
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