Five Things I’m Never Doing Again as a UoM Student

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Three years is one thousand and ninety-five days, yes, I calculated that just for this blog haha, sounds like a long time, doesn’t it? But somehow, now being in my third year, it feels like time flew by. Sigh. If only we had a rewind button so that we could undo somethings, do more of things we enjoy or just re-live those moments. Unfortunately, Elon Musk hasn’t created a time machine yet.

During my years at the University of Manchester, I have amassed a list of things I never doing again, things I’d use a rewind button for. But now they’re lessons, lessons you may not have to learn if you read on. Let’s begin, shall we?…

Reading an entire article or chapter

Over here we work smarter not harder. It just makes sense, haha. I recommend that you read the abstract first and then the introduction. There you’ll find out what the article or chapter is about, what makes the text worth reading. Then, if you want to know a bit more, read the summary or the conclusion, here you’ll find the golden nuggets, the key takeaways, the findings, the points to remember (sometimes, I start by reading the conclusion). If you would still like to know more on the topic or you’re not understanding it, then I encourage you to read the bits in between.

Treating Reading week as a half-term holiday

Guess who had the audacity to be surprised when all she did during reading week was read?! *Points to self-*. Unbelievable I know. But I really thought I would have time to lounge. Reading week is a very valuable time that most of us cannot afford to waste. I encourage you to use reading week to catch up on your lectures, revise or do your coursework. The deadlines just kept rolling in after my reading week. I would pay, good money, for another reading week.  

Trying to complete multiple coursework at the same time, near the deadline

Straight to the point. Get started as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate or spend too long prepping, it will have you stressed and downing four bottles of Lucozade in Ali G (Alan Gilbert Learning Commons – 24-hour library), true story. I really advise against this, it’s not healthy. But hey, desperate times …

Typing out the lecture slides

Time, my friend, is money. If you have an aesthetic, I get it, I also like my notes to look nice. But when I’m revising, I end up rewriting the notes again. So, nowadays I screenshot the slides and paste them in my notes, then make notes under them during the lecture. The notes I take are examples or explanations that will better my understanding or recommendations that my lecturer made.

Staying in my room all day, everyday

Hey, homebody! Go outside! *She says with love* Attend things that you’ve always been interested in, but you haven’t had the chance to yet. Explore Manchester whilst you’re here, there’s a lot that it has to offer, and it took me a while to that find out.

Here are a couple things to add to your Manchester bucket list: The Manchester Art Gallery, Arndale Shopping Centre, The Northern Quarter, Our Student Union, The Trafford Centre, The Curry Mile – Wilmslow road restaurants and Manchester Nightlife student favourites.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time at the University of Manchester! Best of luck!