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From little changes with big impact to hope setting: What the New Year is bringing our student content creators

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2023 is here, and for many of us the start of a new year brings reflection – whether you want to actually set resolutions, set goals or just get through January exams!

Our few of our student bloggers have been reflecting on what New Year’s resolutions mean to them, what they want to achieve, or do and how what they’ve been thinking about might help you!

Dara’s New Year New Me series is a really in-depth look at self-improvement techniques she uses to work on goals in the very long term. Be prepared for some work, but reap the rewards:

Dorsa shares her tips for making any changes achievable and even shares what she hopes her 2023 will look like. And if you’re looking for inspiration, she’s got you – a magic trick a day anyone?

Allison looks at the what makes so many of us fail and how you can restructure your thinking about New Year resolutions (or goals) to avoid it. And if one of your goals is to read more – Allison can also help with her top non-fiction recommendations:

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