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Health and wellbeing post exams

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It is rightly said that happiness is finishing exams. The hardest week of the semester is finally over! No more all-nighters, or unlimited supply of coffee is needed. Hopefully everyone is having fun and partying 😊 While some students must be experiencing pride and relief as their hard work has finally paid off, others might still be in doubt- worrying about their results or feeling guilty for not giving their best. Unfortunately, I belong to the latter category.

I must admit that I felt a sigh of relief as soon as my last exam was over and took the most amazing nap, followed by partying the next day.

However, immediately after that I indulged in overthinking and started second guessing the examiners and worrying about my answers. Does everyone face this problem?  As unhelpful as this self-doubt is, I think it’s really common for many of us. However, as it’s my final year, actually my final semester, here at Manchester, I have learnt to deal with my problems in a much better way. In this article, I’ll be talking about how we can direct our energy in more positive ways post-exams.

Check My Manchester News

Every student at The University of Manchester receives weekly updates from My Manchester News. A few days ago, I received an email from them on how to make the most of my final semester. Post-exams, we can get involved in various opportunities they mention including completing Stellify challenges, gaining experiences or participating in events (networking). In fact, at the beginning of the academic year while randomly scrolling through my emails, I found out that the University was in search of vloggers. Since I edit videos and make vlogs, I applied for the position and here I am as one of the Uni’s Content Ambassadors. Taking a chance on new opportunities can provide us with unique experiences that help build our skill set, which is indeed good for our CV, and can just be fun!

Remain active

It is quite common for students to remain “unhealthy” during exam period even though it is not encouraged. We all should get back to our normal routine involving some form of physical activity. Some students resume going to the gym or start walking. University organizes “Be active” classes for those who would like to try out different kinds of activities such as Pilates, Zumba, Tai Chi for Health etc. However, this service is paid. Sporticipate, on the other hand, is a free service offering a range of sports activities such as swimming, badminton, yoga etc. I’d encourage everyone to try and prioritize their health – especially in these cold dark months when it’s sometimes harder to motivate ourselves!

Set personal goals

During your first and second year, try and appreciate that you’ve got a bit of time before things get really crazy in your final year. I’d recommend students to focus on their hobbies and interests aside from university work during this time, especially once exams are over and there’s a bit of breathing space. Some might have a WordPress or an Instagram blogging account that needs to be updated, or a photographer needs to go out and look for the perfect place to capture the perfect shot. This is a good way to refine your skills and you get to take a break from the stresses of university.

Check in with the Careers Service

Post exams can also bring a reality check as things slow down as bit.  If you’re panicking about the future, you can do something really practical by looking for an internship or job opportunities. The Careers Service – found in The Atrium helps students develop their CV and prepare them for their interviews. Online careers link website provides large number of such opportunities that students can easily apply for. If you’re interested in gaining experience related to your studies, this is an efficient way to utilize your time.


After isolating ourselves during the exam season, we all deserve a good break. Go out, meet your friends and have a good meal. We are social beings after all! Sometimes it’s good to even gossip and share a laugh. Live in the moment before the University takes a toll on you again 😛

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