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LeadMCR: One week left to apply!

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There’s just one week left to apply for a LeadMCR application! Get paid to take control of the student experience here in Manchester with one of 8 full-time salaried positions.

What is an Exec Officer?

Exec Officers are the elected leaders of Manchester Students’ Union. There are eight Officers who make up the Exec Team. They represent all students and influence their experience throughout the University and wider city.

Exec Officers have the power to improve student life, from lobbying Andy Burnham to securing additional funding with the University to help with the cost of living.

Is it a paid position?

An Exec Officer role is a full-time, salaried position – just like any job – and you can apply at whatever stage you’re at in your studies.

The 23/24 Officers will be paid over £22k for the year, get 30 days holiday plus closure days, free gig tickets plus all other full time staff benefits.

How do I get involved?

The application is super simple, all you need is:

1. An idea

Maybe you’re really passionate about lowering rent in halls, or you think the university should have an interactive coffee shop map. Or maybe you’re committed to getting captions into all recorded lectures, or decolonising the curriculum.

Whatever it is, you just need to be passionate about one idea, and we can go from there!

2. Pick a role!

Next all you’ve got to do is pick the role that’s most suited to you.

If you need more help, why not attend one of the SU briefing and info sessions to give you some more insight into which role to go for?

3. Get a picture

Finally, you will need a picture of yourself for your application! These will be used on the nominations website and across social media so pick a good one:)

4. Submit your application

Now you’ve got those bits, all you need to do is apply via the SU website!

REMEMBER! Applications close on Monday 13th February at 5pm.

You can start your quick application here!

Can I get some help?

The SU is providing training & learning opportunities and dedicated one-to-one support for all candidates before, during and after LeadMCR.

You can find out more about this support here.

LeadMCR is your opportunity to improve student life here in Manchester. Get involved now!

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