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Don’t miss your chance to meet alumni in one of eight global cities: Global graduates closes this week.

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Wondering what you’ll do this summer? How does meeting some of our global alumni in in New York/ Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, Zurich/ London, Singapore or Hong Kong sound?

The Careers Service Global Graduates scheme offers just that – and it’s an all expenses paid opportunity. Open to all non-finalist undergraduate students, Global Graduates gives you the opportunity to spend a fully-funded week in June 2023 in one of eight cities across the globe meeting with alumni from a range of business and industry sectors.

What you’ll do

In small groups, you will have the opportunity to learn more about their businesses, roles, career journeys and what life is like living and working in the city.

Meetings with the alumni are arranged in advance by the Global Graduates team who will work with you closely before you travel to ensure you are fully prepared.

How to apply

Interested? You’ll need to be quick, the deadline for expression of interest is 7pm on Tuesday 28th of February. To express interest all you need to do is email globalgraduates@manchester.ac.uk and ask for an applications form. There is no need for a personal statement or CV or anything more complicated.

From your email you will be granted access to an application form on My Placement, which has a separate completion deadline of Friday 3rd of March.

Further information

Everything you need to know, including more information on the application and selection process and travel dates is on the Careers Service website you can also email globalgraduates@manchester.ac.uk with any questions.

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