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Uni Hacks: Sync your timetable to your phone in less than 2 minutes

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Uni Hacks is a new series, sharing tips and tricks to help you save time, feel more productive and make the most of your time at Manchester.

Are you tired of constantly logging into My Manchester to check your class schedule? Save time by syncing your classes to your phone’s calendar with these easy steps.

Step 1: Log in to your timetable on your phone

Visit https://timetables.manchester.ac.uk/  and log in using your University username and password.

Step 2: Click on ‘Subscribe’

If your device has a smaller screen, click on the ‘options’ button first, which is circled in red above. Then, you will see the ‘subscribe’ button.

Step 3: Subscribe to your calendar

You can subscribe to your timetable in any local calendar app you use, such as Outlook, Google, or Apple. Your University timetable will then be added as an additional calendar alongside your existing one.

A few things to note…

  • Your timetable may update in real-time with changes made in the timetabling system, but this depends on your individual calendar app settings.
  • You’ll only see a complete timetable once you have been fully allocated to activities by your School or Faculty.
  • Your timetable will only be visible once you have completed registration and enrolled in your course units.
  • If you have any issues or queries about your timetable, please contact your School or Faculty office.
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