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Wi-Fi issues on campus

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IT Services are investigating issues with Wi-Fi access on campus

15 March 9am

Colleagues applied a change yesterday evening and the Wi-Fi service is returning to normal, however the service will continue to be monitored closely to ensure all is working correctly before we consider the issue resolved.

If you do notice any issues, please report them directly to the IT Support Centre as soon as possible so they can investigate.

14 March, 4pm

IT Services are continuing to work with partners and suppliers to investigate the issues causing Wi-Fi connectivity problems for some staff and students on campus. As of yet, we do not have an estimated time to fix, however as soon as we have further information, we’ll let you know.

We’ll issue the next update by 10am on Wednesday 15 March.

14 March, 1pm

We are having a repeat of yesterday’s Wi-Fi issues which mean some people are having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. This is under investigation and as soon as we have any more information, we’ll post it here.

13 March, 5pm

We’ve taken steps to resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues across campus and you should now be able to connect as normal. If you’re still having issues please report them to our IT Support Centre by calling 0161 306 5544. Thanks for your patience!

This is affecting people in various buildings on campus. As soon as we have any more information, we’ll post it here.