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Drink and drugs: how to keep yourself safe + iPad competition  

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Content warning: this article discusses drinking and drug taking

If you drink or take drugs, you’re thinking about it or want to improve your knowledge then keep reading. We’ve just launched Staying Safe, our new e-learning module, designed to give you up to date information to help keep yourself and others safe. Designed by experts in medicine, drugs, the law, sexual consent and most importantly, our students, we hope this is a platform you can use throughout your time at Manchester to get clued up about drink and drugs. Staying Safe takes a no-judgement harm reduction approach, and contains accurate and useful information and advice.

Win tickets to Parklife or an iPad!

To encourage you to try it out we’re giving away a pair of tickets to Parklife. To take part you need to complete four modules: the introduction, sex and consent, nitrous oxide and ketamine. When you’re finished, send an email to keepintouch@manchester.ac.uk to say you’d like to be in the draw. Only students confirmed by the system as completing the required modules will be entered. All emails to this address will be deleted afterwards.

The first draw will be Friday 24 March (just over a week away) to win a pair of Parklife tickets. The second draw to win an iPad will be Thursday 4 May. So block out some time to check it out and be in with the chance to go to Parklife for free this summer and bag yourself an iPad.

What can I expect?

Staying Safe contains video modules that cover most of the drugs taken in the UK today, the risks when taking them and how to engage with them more safely. There are also modules on the law and your rights, chemsex, drink spiking, consent and intoxication, how to talk to a friend you may be concerned about, and more. As a student at the University of Manchester, this entire course is yours to dip in and out of so it’s most helpful for you.

As mentioned above, to be eligible for the prize draws, you only need to complete 4 modules: 

  • The Introduction 
  • Sex, Drugs and Consent 
  • Nitrous Oxide 
  • Ketamine 

Whilst we get that some students might take drugs and drink alcohol and we want to make sure you’re as safe as possible if you do, there is no way to make drugs and alcohol completely safe, only ways to reduce the risk of harm.

How can I use it?

Staying Safe is designed so you can pick and choose the information that would be most useful for you. Whilst we recommend that you take the time to engage with all the course material, we understand this might not be possible for all students. Instead, we want this to be a useful tool for you to access accurate, clear advice to help you minimise the risk of harm if taking drugs or alcohol.

Want to check it out? Discover the Staying Safe e-learning module.

Who will be able to see my data?

We want students to use Staying Safe without fear that it will get them in trouble. Your data on the course is completely confidential. The external provider of the course (The Drug School) only collects anonymous data to help them evaluate the course and keep it relevant for students, we won’t be collecting or holding any data. Emails are only used on the platform that hosts the course (external to Manchester) to keep track of your progress and allow you to come back from time to time to learn more, if you want to.  We won’t be able to see your answers.

So check it out, get informed and maybe win yourself a pair of Parklife tickets or an iPad!

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