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10 outdoor spaces in Manchester that are completely free

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Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. After spending almost three years living in Manchester, I’m here to tell you ten of the best outdoor spaces in Manchester that are completely free to access. Whether you want a green space to complete your latest assignment, whether you want to kick a ball around with your mates or whether you want to have a few drinks and fire up the disposable BBQ, look no further!

Sometimes Manchester can feel like it’s all winding roads and tall buildings. This couldn’t be further from the truth; with a green space in almost every section of this wonderful city, you’re never too far away from nature.

Please bear in mind these three things when visiting Manchester’s parks and gardens:

  1. Always check the rules about disposable barbeques for each individual park/garden you visit; you may be fined if you don’t comply with the park rules and regulations.
  2. Always clear away your litter.
  3. Always be cautious when swimming in open water.

Alexandra Park ~ Located near Moss Side, Alexandra Park has a lovely historic feel. Enjoy a walk around the park with a drink from the café, perfect for that ‘walking around Central Park in New York’ kind of vibe!

All Saints Park ~ Located in between Manchester Metropolitan campus’ and near central student accommodations, this park offers a wonderful green respite on the upper side of Oxford Road, offering a healthy pause from busy roads and seemingly endless buildings.

Chorlton Water Park ~ Located in the heart of Chorlton, this water park is one of the most desired spots for students to spend their free time in the spring and summer sun. You can even venture into the water for a swim when it gets really warm!

Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens ~ A little out of the way and located opposite Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre in Didsbury, these gardens are incredibly beautiful and even more breath-taking in the spring and summer as things start to bloom. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic and just relax.

Mayfield Park ~ Located near Piccadilly Station, Mayfield Park is the perfect place to chill if you live more central.

Piccadilly Gardens ~ Located opposite the many bus stops in Piccadilly, these gardens are filled with Benches for a short rest whilst you’re out running errands. The Piccadilly Gardens Street Food Market can be found here too; if you fancy it, grab some food and have a sit down!

Platt Fields ~ Located just opposite the official University of Manchester accommodation in Fallowfield and familiar to most, if not all students, Platt Fields is a very large park with a lake in the middle. It’s the perfect place to nip across the road to and have some drinks with your friends as the summer months draw in.

Sackville Gardens ~ Located in the Gay Village, Sackville Gardens is a wonderful space to hang out with friends and unapologetically be yourself. You can also check out the Alan Turing statue whilst you’re there.

Vimto Park ~ Just by Sackville Gardnens, you’ll also find Vimto Park is a unique outdoor space where you can check out the 30-year-old Vimto Monument. It’s just an 8-minute walk from the University of Manchester.

Whitworth Park ~ Located in the heart of Rusholme, Whitworth Park offers a tranquil break from the busyness of the Curry Mile. As somebody that currently lives in Rusholme, just doing laps of this park can really reset your mind for the day ahead. It’s soothing to take a break from crowds of people and the overwhelming traffic of a big city.

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