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Student volunteers join local residents on Fallowfield community project

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On Friday 17 March, student volunteers helped launch a new Fallowfield community project.  Recruited and supported by our Volunteering and Awards Team, they joined local residents, Manchester Student Homes, Manchester City Council and Biffa to remove litter from an alleyway, clear weeds and install new planters to make a positive impact on the local community and the environment.  They also installed extra signage to encourage recycling and to report fly tipping to the council.

This event on Riga Road was the launch a long-term project to reduce the waste and fly tipping issues and to improve recycling rates on the Fallowfield Brow.  These terraced streets opposite The University of Manchester’s Fallowfield campus have ongoing problems with noise disturbance, anti-social behaviour and fly tipping.  But positive changes have already started taking place in the area, including the creation of an award-winning garden in Langley Alley and a new mural on Furness Road.

Manchester Student Homes and the South Neighbourhood Team from Manchester City Council, with the support of local residents and student volunteers will be organising more events to clean and green the remaining alleyways on Fallowfield Brow.  They’ll also look to implement more long-term improvements to the area, helping to create a sense of belonging and community for both the long-term and student residents. 

  • If you have any ideas or suggestions for the area, or would like to get involved in future events please get in touch with Manchester Student Homes.
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