UK’s first nationwide emergency alert test: take action now if you have a secret phone or will be driving

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The UK government will be testing its new emergency alert system on Sunday April 23 at 3pm. All compatible mobile phones and tablets in the UK will receive a test message at this time. The message will be a loud siren-like sound for up to 10 seconds, followed by a text message with information about the test. You will receive the alert even if your phone is on silent.

The alert system is designed to be used in the event of a major emergency. It will be used to warn people about the danger and to provide instructions on how to stay safe.

The test is being carried out to ensure that the system is working properly, and that people know what to expect if they receive an alert in the future.

If you’re a survivor of domestic abuse with a secret or secondary phone, the government’s new emergency alerts could reveal your phone, even if it’s on silent. Watch the video below to find out how to turn the alerts off:

You can also turn off the alert if you’re planning on driving at 3pm on Sunday 24th. According to government advice, you shouldn’t read or respond to an emergency alert whilst driving. The advice is for motorists to keep driving and not respond to the noise, or attempt to pick up the phone to switch it off. You can find a safe place to pull over or ask a passenger to clear the notification for you. The sound and vibration will stop automatically after 10 seconds.

Remember: it is illegal to touch a hand-held device while driving. This includes when you’re stationary at traffic lights, in traffic, in flight mode, or controlling a vehicle with a stop-start motor.

Find out more about the national Emergency Alerts System test by visiting the gov.uk website.

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