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Attendance monitoring: what you need to do 

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Recording attendance helps us support you throughout your time at Manchester. We know that engaging well in your studies helps you succeed and develop to your full potential, while inconsistent attendance could have a negative impact on academic performance.

All taught students are required to register their own attendance by ‘checking in’ using ‘My Attendance’ up to 10 minutes before the start of timetabled activities. 

This will allow us to improve the way attendance data is recorded and used. If you miss classes, we can quickly reach out to you to check if everything is ok. If it isn’t, we’ll direct you to a University service that could help. It will also help us make sure that students who have attendance requirements (for example to earn a professional accreditation or a student visa) are meeting them.

Your programme will advise you of the specific engagement requirements of your course, including activities and events that are mandatory, We expect students to attend – and check into – all timetabled sessions for your course to continue to meet your learning goals. 

The only exceptions to this are optional/drop-in activities, which will be clearly shown on your timetable (and not available to check-into from My Attendance). 

Lack of attendance over a long period of time can lead to formal action by your department and in some cases, withdrawal from the University. 

Student or Tier 4 visa holders

The process for recording attendance is the same, but it is extra important to register your attendance if you’re a sponsored student on a student visa. UK Home Office policy means we are required to regularly check you are engaging with your studies.

If you do not meet the attendance and engagement requirements, your visa status could be at risk. This could potentially lead to withdrawing sponsorship of your visa if your attendance is not satisfactory.

Please ensure you are clear on the attendance requirements by checking the guidance for Student or Tier 4 visa holders on the Immigration and Visas webpages.

How to register your attendance 

Physical attendance must be recorded at the start of timetabled activities by checking in using the ‘My Attendance’ tab in My Manchester in the left-hand menu bar. You can register your attendance up to 10 minutes before the start time of a teaching event.

You can find full instructions and a video tutorial on our My Attendance webpage here. 

You will also be able to view your attendance history within the system, including any recorded absences. Staff can see and edit your attendance record if needed.

It’s important that you use the system honestly and responsibly. Please be aware that registering attendance for someone else is considered misconduct and may result in disciplinary action.

Further support

The University offers a range of advice and support to students experiencing problems with attendance. Further information can be found in the A-Z of Student Services. You can also speak to your Programme Director and/or Personal Adviser.

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