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Deadline approaching for completion of the Stellify Award

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If you are in your final year, you could be closer than you think to achieving the Stellify Award! You just need to make sure all the relevant activities are completed and recorded by 31st May.

Why do the Stellify Award?

Everyone’s Stellify Award journey is different – giving you a unique and personalised set of experiences beyond your studies. The award is divided into three areas with the idea that by the time you leave Manchester, you will have made a real impact and gained a wide range of experiences that can help you stand out to future employers. As you graduate, you will not only have a Manchester degree, but be socially responsible, creative and globally minded.

What do I need to have done by the end of May?

Here is everything you need to do to achieve the Stellify Award: The three Stellify Award activities:

1. Complete two Ethical Grand Challenges

You should have completed two out of three Ethical Grand Challenges on Blackboard – there’s still time to complete one of these if you are missing one!

2. Make a difference by volunteering

Make sure you have completed at least 25 hours of community-facing volunteering and that they are logged on Volunteer Hub.

3. Complete two recognised leadership activities

By now you should have completed your two leadership activities. Check with your supervisors that your activities have been uploaded onto your student record.

Reminder: 31st May is the deadline for all activities to be recorded.

Upon completion of the award, you will receive a certificate and your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will be updated to reflect your extra-curricular achievements.

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