What are you doing this Summer?

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Summer is just around the corner now and you might be starting to think about what you want to do. Whether you’re an international student who’s flying home, going back home in the UK or you’re staying in Manchester

Spending Summer in your home country

If you’re heading back home for the Summer, make sure to check in advance and get the most affordable flights by using comparison sites like Skyscanner. Ensure you have stored any belongings safely and maybe plan ahead and take back bulkier items that you might not need for the upcoming season.

Our Student Content Creators have written some advice about what to do if you’re travelling back home; Allison offers up some helpful advice on what to pack and how to store your things and how to make the most of your time at home, while Dorsa talks about going home and finding yourself not having enough to do if your friends are elsewhere.

Spending Summer in the UK

Spending Summer back home can be difficult for many reasons, you might be going back to a much smaller town where there is less going on, struggle with stricter house rules after having your own independence or feeling isolated from friends.

Make sure to keep yourself busy if long days stretch ahead, maybe you could act like a tourist within your own town and visit some sites you haven’t been to before, plan trips to visit other friends or keep in touch by video call. If you’re still struggling with what to do, there are some more tips here.

Spending Summer in Manchester

If you are staying in Manchester this Summer, there is loads that you can do! From festivals to cabaret to football matches, you will not find yourself bored. You might like to see how many of our hidden spots you can tick off your list?

See here for some fun events happening throughout the next few months or a close up on what’s on in June. Read on here if you need some more suggestions for how to fill your time. If you need to know what University services will be open during the Summer, you can find out everything you need to know here.

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