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Updates to your student terms and conditions for 23/24 academic year

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Each year, we review our student terms and conditions for new and returning students in consultation with the Students’ Union.

Updates for the 2023/2024 academic year have now been completed and are available in full here.

It’s important that you read through and understand the terms, because they outline the relationship between you and the University, including your rights, responsibilities and obligations, and those of the University.

Here’s a summary of the changes that have been made from the 2023/24 academic year:

· The language has been refreshed to make it clearer, more accessible, and easier to understand.

· Updates have been made to ensure that the terms reflect current regulations, policies, procedures, processes, and support.

· The section on ‘changes to our contract with you’ has been reviewed and revised to clearly outline changes that might occur, and the process that would be followed. This includes information about potential changes to aspects of our programme delivery and assessment, and changes to other parts of the University experience (such as to services, facilities, regulations and procedures).

· The section on ‘termination of this contract’ has also been revised to make it clear when and how the contract can be terminated by both students and the University.

As part of the registration process for the next academic year, you will be asked to confirm your agreement to the updated terms and conditions.

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