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Changes to email for all staff and students

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As part of our response to the cyber incident we made some changes to the University email system at the weekend, to give us a greater level of protection from phishing emails.

What’s changed?

Incoming mail to all University accounts is now filtered by a system called Proofpoint.

What do the changes mean?

  • URL defense:  Links in the body of emails sent from outside the University might look a little different. The Proofpoint system amends links to initially redirect via its “URL defense” service. URL defense verifies links are legitimate and safe. When you hover over a link it will have ‘’ at the beginning of it. This routes the link via the Proofpoint system for an extra check.  If at some point in the future, a link is  identified as malicious, you will not be directed to the website.
  • Held emails: Suspicious emails may be ‘held’ by Proofpoint and not be delivered to your inbox. This helps protect you from phishing emails but there is a risk in this early stage of implementation that some genuine emails may be held. If you are expecting an email and don’t think you’ve received it, please log a ticket with the IT Support Centre. It will then by assessed by our IT security team and if an email has been held (and is deemed safe) it will be released into your inbox. Please check your junk mail folder and all areas of your inbox before reporting.
  • Email warning tags: You may see ‘email warning tags’ on emails from untrusted sources. This warning will appear at the top of the email.

Note that emails received from other staff and student University mailboxes will not be filtered by Proofpoint at this time.

Coming soon

We are looking to introduce a daily digest email – a summary of all quarantined emails that you’ll be able to release on a self-serve basis where you believe them to be legitimate emails.

If you need IT help and support please visit the IT Services website.

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