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Password reset and removal of VPN access

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[Updated: 23/6/23]

As part of our response to the cyber incident we are taking two further actions. Firstly, you will be required to reset your password. You will receive a prompt to reset your password, which will come as a direct email from PJ Hemmaway, Director of IT Services, with instructions on how to do this. You can expect to receive this w/c 26 June. 

Secondly, we have removed access to VPN services on all University IT accounts.

This means that students who are remotely logged in will not be able to access some systems for a period of time. SharePoint Online, Outlook and Teams will all work as usual. GlobalProtect VPN will be unavailable.

We will update our frequently asked questions as soon as possible.

Students physically on campus will continue to have access to all systems, unless advised otherwise.

As we work through the incident there may be further and significant disruption to systems. We will try to contact you as soon as possible where this is to take place.

Thank you for your support during this critical time.

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