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Protecting you from phishing emails – further improvements 

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Further changes have been made to the University email filtering service for all colleagues and students to give us greater protection from phishing emails

New functionality: Digest emails 

We made the announcement on 12 June that incoming email on all University email accounts is now being filtered.  

You will now receive a twice daily email summary of what has been quarantined and you will be able to choose whether to ‘release’ that email into your inbox.  

These ‘digest’ emails will be sent twice a day (7am and 1pm UK time) and will categorise suspicious emails as ‘spam’. Note, that if no emails have been quarantined in the past 12 hours, you will not receive a digest email. 

This functionality is in addition to previously announced changes including: 

  • Links in the body of emails sent from outside the University might look a little different. The system amends links to initially redirect via its “URL defense” service. URL defense verifies links are legitimate and safe. When you hover over a link it will have ‘’ at the beginning of it. This routes the link via the filtering system for an extra check.  If at some point in the future, a link is identified as malicious, you will not be directed to the website. 
  •  Suspicious emails may be ‘held’ by the University email filtering service and not delivered to your inbox. You will now receive a twice daily digest – a summary of all quarantined emails that you’ll be able to release on a self-serve basis where you believe them to be legitimate emails. 
  •  You may see ‘email warning tags’ on emails from untrusted sources. This warning will appear at the top of the email. 

More information 

Don’t know what a phishing email is? Read more about phishing on the IT Services website:  

If you need IT help and support please visit the IT Services website for options, or call 0161 306 5544. 

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