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Experian identity protection offer 

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As part of our cyber incident response we are offering colleagues and postgraduate research students a free, 12-month subscription to a leading identity protection service. 

Today you will have received an email from Adèle Mackinlay, Director of People and Organisational Development, about a free, 12-month subscription to leading identity protection service Experian Identity Plus for colleagues and postgraduate research students.  

We’ve taken this step as a precautionary measure and it’s not an indication that your data has been affected.   

Within this email (image below) we have included your activation code, how to activate your subscription and a link to the Experian website.   

All taught course students will be offered access to the Experian IdentityWorksSM. Package.  

Experian Identity Plus 

The Experian Identity Plus subscription will help you:  

  • monitor your personal information for certain signs of potential identity theft  
  • detect possible misuse of your personal data  

The subscription will also provide identity monitoring support, focusing on identifying and resolving identity theft.   

Once your subscription is activated, you will have access to the following features:  

  • Unlimited access to your Experian Fraud Report.  
  • Credit Alerting – an email or SMS to let you know when certain changes happen on your Experian Credit Report, such as the addition of a new credit search.  
  • Access to Experian’s CreditLock feature to restrict access to your Experian Credit Report when you are not applying for credit or opening a new account.   
  • Web monitoring an alert by email or SMS which confirms that personal information has been found on the dark web.  
  • Access to Experian’s Victims of Fraud service if you do become a victim, that will support you in resolving the issue.  
  • If you are at higher risk of fraud, Experian can add protective Cifas registration to your Credit Report which can help prevent credit being taken in your name.  

More information  

If you have any further questions about the cyber incident, please see our: 

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