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PGR COVID-19 extension scheme ending

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As you might be aware, in 2021 the University made additional funding available for COVID related extensions to UoM funded PGRs (or those in receipt of a stipend processed by the University where the funder could not support the costs).

However, as we continue to move on from the pandemic, we are delighted to see that the vast majority of you are able to plan your research without restriction or that you have successfully adapted your projects to mitigate for disruptions encountered earlier in your programme. As such, we will be ending the funded PGR COVID-19 extension scheme in January 2024.

We will continue to accept applications up to and including the 31st of January 2024. If you are considering an application, please refer to the Extensions due to COVID-19 Procedure for PGRs (UoM Processed Stipend) to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria.

As a reminder, PGRs who encounter difficulties during their programme should refer to the Change of Circumstances Policy and the associated procedures (i.e. interruption, sickness) and seek support from their Faculty Doctoral Academy. PGRs should be aware that extensions to programme are only granted in exceptional circumstances, please refer to the Extensions Procedure for Postgraduate Research Students.

If you have any enquiries please contact your Faculty Doctoral Academy.

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