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Living off campus? Here’s your guide to commuting to Manchester

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Thinking of commuting to University, or already commuting? You’re not alone – almost a fifth of our students travel from home to campus. We want all our students to thrive, so we’ve produced this guide to help you make the most of your time at Manchester whilst embracing the commuter lifestyle.

No matter where you’re based, it’s important that you feel a sense of belonging in our student community and that you’re able to experience everything our campus has to offer.

In this article, you will find information about key events where you can meet fellow commuters, locations and facilities that you can use on campus to recharge after your journey, and key contacts for any questions you may have related to commuting and university life as a whole. You can use our interactive campus map to view the locations mentioned in this guide.

While you’re on campus

Cosy Campus

If you want to unwind after a busy commute, a Cosy Campus space might just be ideal for you. As well as providing warm and quiet locations to study and relax, our Cosy Campus spaces give you facilities to brew up a hot drink, heat a meal in the microwave and wash up afterwards.

Our Cosy Campus locations are:

  • University Place Drum
  • Dover Street Ex Café
  • Dover Street G45
  • Engineering Building A, ground floor
  • Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS), room 2.094
  • Main Library

Home Away From Home lounge area

In addition to Cosy Campus spaces, our Home Away From Home lounge area on Dover Street is another place to get ready for your day ahead upon arrival or to prepare for the journey back home.

Bring and Ping

You can also microwave your food or prepare a hot drink at the Bring and Ping spaces across campus. Spaces include the ground floor of Engineering Building A and the Main Library.

Study spaces

If you need to escape the hustle and bustle of campus life to catch up on some coursework in-between commutes, then we have plenty of study spaces for you to use, including:

  • Main Library
  • Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
  • Computer Cluster in the Arthur Lewis Building, ground floor
  • Computer Cluster in the Jean McFarlane Building, second floor
  • Booths in the Jean McFarlane Building, ground floor


If you need to store your belongings in-between journeys, you can use lockers located next to the Advice Centre in the Students’ Union, ground floor.

Living off campus

The Students’ Union Living at Home Project supports students that live off campus, including living-at-home students and students living in privately rented houses with non-University students.

This project provides a point of contact for support for students, as well as socials and lunches where you can meet other students with similar living arrangements. It also campaigns for positive change by asking what support you need and working with the University to create that change.

To find out more about this project and what support is available to commuter students, you can email the Union’s Liberation team at diversity.su@manchester.ac.uk, or the project leads at livingathome.su@manchester.ac.uk.

And to stay in the loop about the Living at Home Project – join its Facebook group and follow the project on Instagram.

Key contacts

Student Support Hubs

Every School has a dedicated Student Support Hub. The Hub is a one-stop shop for all your general School enquiries and for any information and guidance you may need during your time at the University. Our Hub teams can also refer you to specialist services available elsewhere, such as wellbeing support and immigration advice.

All Hubs are open 9am to 5pm during term time, 10am to 4pm during University holidays and are closed on bank holidays and University closure days, with a few exceptions – please see below.

Here’s a list of locations and contact details for each of the Faculties’ Student Support Hubs.

Faculty of Humanities

School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED)

Humanities Bridgeford Street Building, ground floor

  • seed.iag@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 275 2817

The SEED Student Support Hub is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm all year round, including during University holidays.

School of Social Sciences (SoSS)

Arthur Lewis Building, third floor reception area (temporary location)

  • soss.hub@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 529 3377 (available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

School of Arts, Languages and Cultures (SALC)

Samuel Alexander Building, South Wing, lower ground floor (next to Lime Café)

  • salcstudents@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 529 3348

Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS)

AMBS Building, second floor, room 2.091

  • ambs.hub@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 306 3400

Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Engineering

Engineering Building A, first floor, room 1A.042

  • soe.hub@manchester.ac.uk

School of Natural Sciences

Alan Turing Building, ground floor, room G.204

  • sons.hub@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 529 4517

The School of Natural Sciences Student Support Hub is closed between 9am and 10am every Wednesday.

Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health

During University holidays, the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Student Support Hubs are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

School of Biological Sciences

Stopford Building, room G.483

  • sbs.hub@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 275 1387

School of Medical Sciences

Stopford Building, room G.006

  • sms.hub@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 306 0406

School of Health Sciences

Jean McFarlane Building, ground floor

  • shs.hub@manchester.ac.uk
  • 0161 306 7811

Other key contacts

If you have any enquiries related to commuting, you can email Nick Weise, Academic Lead for commuter students, at nicholas.weise@manchester.ac.uk.

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