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Leaving University after your masters: What you need to know and do

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Your time with us is quickly coming to an end and there are some life-admin things that you either need to do or know about to make your transition period run smoothly.

Your IT account

A short while after you finish your studies, your IT account will close. This means that you will no longer have access to your documents, email, Blackboard course materials or MyManchester. IT Services will be in touch with you closer to the time, however, it may be a good idea to make copies of those emails, documents and other files that you’d like to keep to avoid a last minute rush. For more information visit the IT Services website.

On the other hand, being an alumni means you will have access to the Your Manchester alumni portal. Just make sure you have updated your details in the student system.

Returning your Library books

You can return books to the book return bin in the entrance of the Main Library.

If you have any concerns, Library staff are still available and happy to help. Please contact them through Library Chat or the online enquiry service.  

You can find out more information and updates on the library website.

Access Careers support

You’ll still have access to the career service for two years after you graduate. You can access the careers service on campus or online, please check the appointment and event information on CareerConnect first. You can contact us via live web chat or the queries section on CareerConnect to discuss how we can help. Remember though, you will need to register for your graduate account to access CareerConnect for opportunities and events.

Graduates also have access to CareerSet Online CV Checker, which allows for instant CV feedback 24/7. Log into CareerConnect to find your exclusive alumni code, then use it to create your CareerSet account. Remember to use the same email you used when you registered for CareerConnect.

Stay connected

After graduating, you’ll be part of the largest global alumni community in the UK.  Remember that the University is here to stay connected with you through exclusive events and opportunities as well as providing career support. Find out more on the alumni page on what’s available.

Moving out/Leaving Manchester

Check out our guide to leaving your accommodation and how you can recycle your unwanted things.

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