Supporting you following the Morocco earthquake

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Global events and natural disasters can have a profound impact on members of our University community, and we are here to support you. 

We recognise that the evolving coverage surrounding the earthquake in Morocco that occurred late on Friday, 8 September will likely be unsettling and potentially deeply upsetting for some.  

For those of you who may have been directly impacted by the earthquake, or have friends or relatives that have been affected, our thoughts go out to you. Please remember that we are here to support you, at all times.

If you feel the situation is affecting your mental health and wellbeing, you can reach out to a range of services (including some that are available 24/7) through the Student Support website and the Students’ Union Advice Centre.

Should you be worried about any impact on your studies, there are mitigating circumstances procedures in place for taught students. We also offer support to postgraduate researchers who experience a change in circumstances. And, if you need financial support, our Cost of Living Support Fund could help. 

Please reach out to speak to your Academic Advisor/Supervisor or one of our services at any time if you need support.

How you can help

You may wish to donate towards the UK-Med emergency response appeal. UK-Med is a frontline medical aid charity based at the University. They’ve worked in countries across the world, responding to calls for emergency medical assistance following crises like disease outbreaks, natural disasters and conflict.

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