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Peer Support: Getting involved as a first year

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Peer Support is available to every 1st year Undergraduate at The University of Manchester. 

As a first year, you will either be assigned to a PASS group or Peer Mentor group. If you are at the start of your first year, your PASS leader or Peer Mentor will support you in any problems that you may have or will signpost you to the correct service if they cannot.

In your Peer Mentor or PASS groups you will meet other first years in the same boat and higher year students through social events that older students organise. You may still be in contact with some of the connections you make here even after your first year.

How do I get involved as a first year?

Every first-year Undergraduate student at the University of Manchester is assigned to a Peer Support scheme, whether this is Peer Mentoring or PASS; some subjects such as Music even do both! 

You will be automatically assigned to a group by your scheme’s Student Coordinators, and contacted by your PASS Leaders or Peer Mentors, who will be students from your course in the years above you. All you need to do is listen to what they tell you about when and where your meetings are, and make sure you attend all the sessions!

Find out more on the Peer Support website and follow on Instagram @uom_peersupport!

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