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International Students – Your Careers Support

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The skills and knowledge gained through an international education or experience are highly valued by employers and can take you all over the world. The Careers Service have a range of support and resources available to help you.

Specialist Support

As your Careers Service, we provide specialist resources, one-to-one appointments, and events to help with your career planning and making the most of your time whilst studying in Manchester. We’re here to help you build your skills and confidence, understand the UK job market, as well as what options are open to you.

Visa Options and the UK Job Market

We recommend you start by using our on-demand learning Pathway ‘International Students: Working in the UK and Understanding your Visa Options’.

This contains information on:

– The UK job market

– FAQs for the different visa routes

– Lists of UK companies and their records for sponsoring international graduates via the Skilled Worker Visa.

All of these resources can help you make an informed decision on which employers to target for different job opportunities.

For further help and support, visit the Careers Service website.

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