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The Manchester Anthology 2023

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The Manchester anthology is a written publication of the graduating class of 2023 Centre for New Writing. The Centre for New Writing is made up of post-graduate MA Creative Writing students at The University of Manchester.

The anthology is published once a year – so prospectus students, or part-time students, have their opportunity to be published in a forthcoming edition.

The anthology consists of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. This year, applicants are invited to submit up to 3,000 words of fiction or creative non-fiction, or up to three poems.

This year’s anthology will be preceded by a foreword by poet, critic, short fiction writer, and MA tutor at the University of Manchester Frances Leviston.

Meet the Team!

The anthology is run almost entirely by the University’s Centre for New Writing students. 

Editor in chief: Sean Murray

Deputy Editor: Ruby Opalka

Managing Editors: Paige Kirkman, Raine Thompson

Editorial Team: Riti Agrawal, Nikita Dahiya, Xiyan (Michelle) H

Production Team: Rand El Muhtadi, Yirou (Eva) He, Ankitha Venkataram

Marketing Team: Jessica Draper, Harshavardhini Pareek

Designer: David Webb  

Artwork: Nicky Thompson.  

I spoke to Sean Murray, Editor-in-chief of this year’s edition, and asked him about the quality and content of the written work in the upcoming edition. 

 ‘I’m immensely proud to have edited this year’s anthology and had the privilege of working with a team of creative individuals to produce the collection. Creating the anthology was a collaborative effort between the team and the writers, which captured the spirit and camaraderie of the writing workshops during the course. Apart from the talent of the writers and the quality of their work, what I find particularly remarkable is the diversity and range of voices that showcase and announce themselves across these pages. The multiplicity and richness of language here truly reflect our contemporary moment as well as publicising and previewing what’s to come. Personally, there were genuine moments of awe when I came to read the submissions in their final form. The majority of these stories and poems have stayed with me in the weeks and months since. I trust that they’ll do the same for other readers.’