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Uni Hacks: Register for your GP

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It’s really easy to put off or be overwhelmed by the process if you’re not used to the UK system but registering with The University of Manchester GP Service will really help you out. If you have a case of fresher’s flu that seems to be lingering or if you need to access regular medication, make sure you’re registered so you can get an appointment quickly.

It’s really important to register with a GP (this stands for general practitioner and is what we call local or family doctors in the UK). You should do this as soon as you know your term-time address. GPs provide a range of non-emergency services by appointment – including examinations, medication prescriptions, vaccinations and referrals to other medical specialists. 

What do I need to know?

  • The University GP Service is on-campus, located in Crawford House near south campus (shown on the Campus map here as Building 31).
  • You can register as a patient using their online portal  by filling in a quick form and you do not need to know your term-time address to register. Once you do have this address, let the practice know so they can update your record. 

What if I’d like to go to a GP surgery nearer to where I live?

  • Alternatively, you can use the NHS Find a GP website to find a list of practices near your address. This will direct you to the GPs’ websites to find out how to register as a patient. 

It’s really that simple! Click here if you’d also like to know about finding a dentist or optician.