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Uni Hacks: Staying safe around campus

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So you’re in a new city, and you’re wondering how to safely get around. Maybe you’ve lived in a city before or maybe you haven’t and you’re after some reassurance, our mobile app SafeZone is designed to give you extra peace of mind across campuses in the city. The SafeZone app is free to download and easy to use. Visit Google Play or the App Store and search ‘SafeZone’ to download.

What can I use it for?

  • ‘Check in’ any time of day – to keep you safe on campus, such as if you’re studying or working late or alone on campus
  • Quickly and discreetly call for assistance – whenever you feel unsafe on campus
  • Get medical assistance quickly – whether it’s for first aid, an accident or in an emergency
  • Keep up to date – notifications sent directly to your phone if there is an incident on campus
  • Wellbeing assistance – get access to support 24/7 to help you care for your own wellbeing
  • IT help – contact our IT team for help

What areas does it cover?

  • Fallowfield
  • Victoria Park
  • The University of Manchester campus
  • Manchester Metropolitan University campus
  • University of Salford campus.

As part of the Manchester SafeZone Alliance, any student can use the SafeZone app to get assistance on any of these campuses – no matter which university you attend. The app will directly connect you to the appropriate safety or security team for that area, who will provide the assistance you need. If you leave these areas you can still use the app, which will provide you with your local emergency services number – even if you’re outside the UK.

How do I use it?

For more details about how to use the specifics of the app, check out the website.

And if that’s not enough encouragement, the team behind SafeZone are also offering a prize draw a month for September, October and November for a new bike. Students will automatically be entered into the draw when they download and sign up. They will only be entered into the month’s draw in which they sign up.  Closing dates are 30 September for the September draw, 31 of October and the 30 of November.