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Uni Hacks: Connecting to WiFi

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The uni’s wifi service Eduroam can be a bit difficult to set up but here’s a quick guide to make sure it’s as painless as possible.

Firstly, don’t be thrown by the username as it’s different from other places you will log in like outlook. The username for Eduroam is your uni username (that you use to sign into blackboard) followed by, this is the username that’s a combination of letters and numbers, not your email address. Sounds a bit confusing but don’t let yourself fall at the first hurdle!

So, what do I do next?

  • Ensure you’re connected to a wired, Wi-Fi or mobile data (4G/5G etc) network. If you’re on campus or in halls and don’t already have a connection, you can use the UoM_WiFi network
  • Visit on the device(s) you want to use on eduroam
  • Click on “Click here to download your eduroam installer”
  • Select “The University of Manchester”
  • Download and run the installer for your device
  • Follow the on-screen instructions (these will vary, depending on your device type)

What if I have issues?

  • If your eduroam connection doesn’t work, you can use a wired connection or temporarily connect to the UoM_WiFi network instead while your query is dealt with
  • If you’re in halls of residence, report problems via the Hornet Portal. If you’re elsewhere on campus, contact the IT Support Centre or have a look on the website.