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Uni Hacks: Printing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Been given a bunch of PDFs for your course and would rather read them physically, or need to print out lecture notes? Here’s your quick and easy guide to get printing.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

Print > Tap > Pull

When you log in to a cluster PC, your printing will be handled by the pull printing system.

To use the pull print system you need to Print > Tap > Pull

  1. Click Print in the application you want to print from
  2. Tap your student card on any Multi-function device (Combined printer, scanner and copier) with a card reader
  3. Press the pull print button, then select your job from the list

What if I want to print from my phone or laptop?

1.    Go to https://mobileprint.manchester.ac.uk (black and white printing) or https://mobileprintcolour.manchester.ac.uk (colour printing)

2.    Log in using your university username and password

3.    Select a document to upload and select Next

The document will be listed at the bottom of the webpage. You can add as many documents as you want, one at a time. Documents sent via web browser will stay in the system for a day before they are automatically deleted and you don’t need to be on campus to send one to print. The mobile print website will only show documents you have sent via the web browser. It won’t show documents printed from the cluster computers

The status will change from Awaiting to Processing, to Printing, to Printed. Once it sets to Printed, your chosen file is ready to be collected from the printer.

How much does it cost?

You can credit your central printing account by using your credit or debit card. This site will let you view your recent account transaction history, which includes credits via epayments, any refunds and all print jobs. The prices below are per sheet, if you can work out how much you will need to spend because you can’t claim back printing credit under £10.

  • A4 mono single-sided 5p
  • A4 mono double-sided (duplex) 8p 
  • A4 colour single-sided 21p
  • A4 colour double-sided (duplex) 40p
  • A3 mono single-sided 10p
  • A3 colour single-sided 42p
  • A3 mono double sided (duplex) – 16p
  • A3 colour double sided (duplex) – 80p