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Important information for students on visas 

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If you’re on a student visa or tier 4 visa, don’t forget that you must regularly register your attendance on campus and at taught sessions. 

How do I check-in? 

  1. Check-in on campus twice a week – bring your student ID to your School check-in location
  1. Check-in at in-person taught sessions – use the online form to check-in at your teaching sessions. 

Full details about how and where to check-in are on our student support website. 

If you don’t check-in regularly, we’ll send you a reminder. If you continue to miss check-ins, your visa could be at risk. 

Some small groups of students are not required to check-in (e.g. those who are based off-campus) – your School will advise if these check-in arrangements do not apply to you. They will also tell you about any other attendance requirements for your programme. 

Why do I have to check-in? 

UK Visas and Immigration requires the University to report attendance of students on student route visas, to ensure that students are engaging with their studies and fulfilling their visa terms. 

Due to the recent cyber incident, our online ‘My Attendance’ system is no longer in use. The temporary replacement process is more manual than we would like, however we’ve tried to make it as smooth as possible. On-campus check-ins are easy (we just swipe your student ID card) and check-in locations have dedicated staff to ensure that you’re processed quickly.  

We are currently working on a more automated long-term solution, which will capture engagement for all our students (including those on visas). This is vital for student wellbeing, helping us to offer the right support at the right time. We will move to this solution as soon as possible.