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Uni Hacks: Everything you need to know about cooking

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In this uni hack we’re bringing you a budget-friendly cookbook written by one of our student content creators, which includes tips on meal-prepping, storing meat and vegetables properly and efficiently to cook with again plus useful safety and hygiene tips.

Student Content Creator Dara Kowlessar-Jackson knows firsthand the challenges of navigating a new environment while managing a tight budget but still wanting to eat well. This booklet is designed specifically for students like you who are seeking delicious and nutritious recipes without breaking the bank.

Within the pages of this booklet, you’ll find a collection of basic recipes and snacks to get you through the week. Each recipe is carefully crafted with affordability and simplicity in mind, with a fully costed shopping list and suggested places to buy the ingredients. There’s also information on knife skills, how to store food most effectively to ensure it lasts, and how to push your meal prepping skills to get the most from your ingredients. We hope this booklet will help you plan your shopping trips efficiently, saving both time and money.

You can download a copy of the booklet and share with course mates and housemates and maybe even try some of these recipes together. Cooking with friends is a great way to split costs and the dreaded washing up. We’ve also shared some helpful info from the Student Guide by the Food Standards Agency on sharing fridges, reheating rice and cooking food safely.