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Update on UKVI visa check-ins

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Students on visas attending regular check-ins will not be expected to check-in during reading weeks, exam periods, breaks between semesters, or approved off-campus activities.

Most students on student / tier 4 visas are now attending the required regular check-ins – thank you for following the guidance. You can remind yourself of the requirements and how to complete check-ins on our student support website.

We know there are some periods when you may not attend campus regularly. You are not required to complete on-campus check-ins or use the online check-in form during any of these periods:

  • Reading weeks – if your course has them.
  • Exam / assessment periods and breaks between semesters – see the University’s key dates page.
  • Off-campus placements, research, field trips, electives, or other learning activities – these must be official activities provided or approved by your School.
  • Authorised absences – if you have a personal reason for not attending campus during teaching time (e.g. you are ill) you must report this to your School. You won’t be expected to check-in during any authorised absence period.

We are keeping these temporary check-in processes under review, to ensure you can check-in as quickly and easily as possible. Thank you for bearing with us while we iron out the details.

The University is continuing work on a permanent attendance monitoring solution for all students (not just those on visas). We are working to have this in place as quickly as possible – however it will take some time due to the complex UKVI requirements, our huge range of study options, and the different attendance requirements and systems already in place within individual Schools.

If you have any questions about attendance for your course or the visa check-ins, you can contact your Student Support Hub.