Register to vote

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If you have moved to Manchester this September or you’ve recently changed address, you will need to (re)register to vote to be on the electoral register in order to vote in elections and referendums in the UK (this includes local elections).

If you’re a student it also means that you are able to be registered in two places – in Manchester but also back home.

If you split your time between two addresses – like a home address and a term address, you can register to vote at both addresses (as long as they’re not both in the same council area). At local elections you can vote in both places. At national elections, like a general election, you can only vote in one place, but you can choose which place you vote in.

On Thursday, 2 May 2024, Local and Mayoral elections are scheduled to take place in Manchester. A Parliamentary General Election is also expected to take place before January 2025. You must be on the electoral register to vote at these elections.

You can register to vote online here before Thursday, 23 November.