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PGR Voice Survey: What you told us.

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Between May and June this year we ran the first PGR Voice Survey to get your feedback on a range of topics including your overall experience, supervision, Research culture, training and development, and resources.

Firstly, we’d like to extend a big thank you to those of you who gave us your valuable insights into being a PGR here at Manchester.

Secondly, we’d like to share some headline figures and next steps with you all, so you can see how your feedback really is used in the work we do to improve your experience.

Headline figures

  • 90.6% of PGRs rated their overall experience as Satisfactory, Good or Excellent
  • 76.3% rated the research culture positive or very positive.
  • 93.6% rated their supervision as being satisfactory, good, or excellent.
  • 88.2% rated Research Development and training as satisfactory, good, or excellent

Next steps

  • Manchester Doctoral College and Faculty Doctoral Academies are reviewing the data and looking at how we are doing in each thematic area and creating action plans. We’ll keep you updated with developments specific areas of good practice and working to improve specific things. We will share another update in January.
  • The PGR Voice is only one way to feedback on your experience. We’re committed to ensuring the best experience for our Postgraduate researchers, and so we encourage you to discuss your experience with your departmental and faculty PGR Reps and the Research Officer in the Students Union Ansab Ali. You can contact Ansab at