How much does graduation cost?

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If you are graduating this winter, your graduation should be a special day and we want to help you feel that it is affordable. Find out what costs to expect and optional extras so you can plan and budget accordingly.

There is no charge for any ticket. You can book up to two free guest tickets when you register to attend, and additional guests are welcome to view a live-screening of the event on campus. 

You must wear a gown and hat for your ceremony.  You can either hire a cap and gown or buy them. The online hire cost from Ede & Ravenscroft, the University’s official gown hire is £42 for a Bachelor and Masters Gown and £56 for a Doctoral gown. If you forget to pre-order your gown, the hire cost on the day will be higher than the prices above.

When you hire or purchase a gown, you will have the opportunity to have your photograph taken and buy official photographs. There are a range of packages available at different prices, starting from around £30.

Ordering official photographs is not a requirement. You are allowed to take your own photos on the day.

Other merchandise
Other memorabilia and merchandise is available on the day from the University Gift Shop if you would like to buy extra gifts or keepsakes.

Find out how to travel to the University, so you can plan and budget for your journey in advance.

Transport for Greater Manchester have also developed a University of Manchester travel guide, including information on getting the tram, bus, or walking to and from campus.

Cost of Living Support Fund:

Our Cost of Living Support Fund is a University scheme that exists thanks to generous donations from alumni and friends who want to ensure that no University of Manchester student is left struggling.

The Cost of Living Support Fund provides financial support to students who are unexpectedly suffering financial hardship.

The fund is open all year long, it is non-repayable and can help students overcome food insecurity, support them with utility bills, and address any other issues arising from financial hardship. More details of what can be supported can be found on the Student Support website.