Beginning your Time at Manchester

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This blog is written for University students from abroad who will be beginning their time at Manchester in the coming weeks and months. After two years at the University studying History and Art History, as well as living in Greater Manchester for most of my life, I am hoping I can give you all a clearer sense of what to expect from your time here.

Coming to Manchester University as a student from abroad is going to be an unfamiliar experience. The nerves will be unavoidable. As a home student I experienced similar feelings as I found myself worrying constantly before arriving at Uni. Looking back, I should have been kinder to myself. Of course, worrying is natural but it is important to let yourself be excited. Take a step back from any concerns as I promise that upon arrival to Manchester, you will be greeted by a welcoming community of student ambassadors, students and staff who will be able to ease all your worries- this blog will hopefully do the same!

This month, many final year students have been graduating. In a usually rainy Manchester, the sun has been shining in time for their graduation ceremonies. Anyone walking around campus will see crowds of students donning their graduation gowns and caps. All of them are taking proud photos with their parents and friends. As a student beginning my final year in September, the sight of my friends and fellow students graduating from their time at University is more than exciting. I’m happy for them and also eager for the day of my own graduation. I hope that as you prepare for your time in Manchester you feel a similar sense of expectation as you begin this same journey through University life and study that these graduates have made.

It’s important to know and feel that you are a part of the diverse community of students all studying at Manchester. We are all working towards a degree and encountering similar nerves, excitement and experiences. So, through reading this blog I hope that you will be able to feel a little more confident in beginning your time here and joining the University. 😊

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