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During summer holiday, I lose the rhythm of the school year. I wake up late, I eat when I want and I certainly don’t spend my time writing essays and analysing academic sources. Starting back at University forces you back into a schedule, a schedule in which you need to wake up early(ish) and plan out your time so you can meet academic deadlines and make it on time to your lectures. But don’t worry, although this might sound daunting you’ll have plenty of time to ease yourself into university life!

This is one of the reasons the University runs an orientation programme. The programme is primarily to help you get accustomed to University life as well as finding your own pace. There will be welcome information sessions on banking, student life and other topics and (most excitingly) there will also be fairs where we will be running craft activities, tours around Manchester and food tastings. These will be an opportunity to meet new people and feel more comfortable at the University before you begin your time here.

During Orientation week, make the most of everything you do, talk to new people and try and make new friends. This really helps with adjusting into university and the community of students here. You’ll quickly fall into a routine if you surround yourself with like-minded people. If you’re worried about adjusting to life here, come and talk to a Student Ambassador dressed in purple during Orientation and they can point you towards something exciting happening or help you with any worries you have 😊

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