Shopping for your room

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My room has a lot of stuff inside it. A shelf of tiny ceramic frogs, a wall of polaroid photographs and lots of (slightly dying) plants on my window sill. Its lovely having a room which feels a little more like you. Rather than leaving your accommodation plain, use your free time during orientation to buy bedding, lamps and anything else you need as it will make you feel much more at home!

Here are a few places to buy homeware:


This is in the centre of town, right next to the Piccadilly Gardens bus stop. It’s always very busy inside because they sell clothes, homeware and everything in-between at affordable prices. If you go upstairs, you’ll find an area selling pillows, bedding and blankets


This is inside the Arndale shopping centre and sells homeware, decorations and kitchen goods. They have some offers and discounts for students. Also, you should know that the Arndale has lots of different shops selling clothes, electronics, skincare and there’s also places to eat so if you’re looking to spend a day shopping for different supplies this would be a great place to go 😊


You can get here by getting a tram or train to Ashton-Under-Lyne or by catching the 219 bus from Piccadilly Station. It’s a little further away but they have everything you could need here like rugs and lamps so it could be worth making the trip together with your flat-mates


This is located in the Northern Quarter and isn’t somewhere you’d go for bedding or kitchen supplies but it does sell a lot of very adorable homeware and accessories for your room. I would honestly go and visit here even if you don’t need a cushion shaped like an avocado or some pom-pom bunting because there is so much cute stuff inside!


If you want to buy anything from Amazon online, your halls of residence as well as some supermarkets (Morrisons is a 4 minute walk from the Students Union) have Amazon lockers. This means you can easily order something online and pick it up safely from the locker once it arrives using a unique code

As you begin your studies and find yourself stressing over essays and coursework, being able to come home to your space and feel comfortable there is so important. So, if you can visit these shops please invest in some cute bedding or a plant because I promise it’ll help you feel much happier in the long run

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