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Joint message from our Jewish and Muslim Chaplains

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Wellbeing support for students affected by the conflict in the Middle East

Many students and staff across our University community will be deeply affected by the current conflict and loss of life in the Middle East.

In times of conflict, when emotions and tensions inevitably rise to the surface, it is important for us to acknowledge our commonalities. We must stand together and speak out against any forms of divisive discourse, rising instances of discrimination or hate, including Islamophobia and antisemitism. The Report and Support service provides support and guidance to students and staff who have experienced or witnessed any form of harassment or discrimination.

Our shared value of humanity across our university community reminds us to embrace and celebrate difference, respect, and support each other, and act with integrity to benefit society and the environment by transforming and enriching lives in a positive manner.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Chaplaincy service in confidence, please contact us.

Hear from our Chaplains:

‘As a Muslim Chaplain and member of the wider university multi-faith chaplaincy, my message of support is for us all to be mindful of the impact of the conflict on colleagues and students who have travelled to the region or have friends and family currently in the Middle East,’ Mohammed Ullah.

‘As a community we should have the collective goal to unite over the loss of life that has been taking place over the last few days. Ultimately, by illuminating our own corner of the world, we can actually impact events on the other side of the world, through going out of our way to share kindness, and respect in the face of horror,’ Rabbi Eliezer Simon.

Further sources of support

The University also provides a professional Counselling and Mental Health Service for students, a 24 hour mental health helpline and wellbeing app, the Safe Zone app to get immediate safety assistance when on campus,  and other services detailed on our Student Support page.

Rabbi Eliezer Simon, from the Jewish chaplaincy and Mohammed Ullah, who is the Muslim Chaplain.